Where to advertise crypto sites? The best crypto advertising agencies. Crypto advertising for beginners. The start of crypto business. AdvertCoin.Space – space for crypto advert

Where to advertise crypto sites? The best crypto advertising agencies. Crypto advertising for beginners. The start of crypto business. AdvertCoin.Space – space for crypto advert

Where to advertise crypto sites? The best crypto advertising agencies. Crypto advertising for beginners. The start of crypto business. AdvertCoin.Space – space for crypto advert
What is Bitcoin?AdvertCoin.Space – space for crypto advert

AdvertCoin.Space – space for crypto advert

One of the easiest ways to get your first crypto traffic for your site is to register and launch an advertising campaign on the Advert Coin platform. Space, which began its work on September 1, 2018, currently functions as an internal advertising network of our site and several partner faucet websites. The promotion platform Advertcoin.space has a fixed price for showing your ad within 24 hours. In case your site is connected to cryptocurrency and is not ICO or lottery with a deposit, and does not have a high number of visitors; then, the price of advertising block placement will not exceed the amount equivalent to 3$. In addition, the minimum deposit for the start of the advertising campaign will be only 21$ (i.e. the prepayment of the show week). For large commercial projects, ICO, casino, etc. the price for a daily display of the advertisement is calculated individually.

To promote your site, blog or YouTube channel, you will need a 728x90 or 336x280-pixel size commercial block file in jpg, gif or png format. When creating the content of the announcement, use English and take into account the interests of the target audience (the main one is earning cryptocurrencies), try to make your announcement attractive and bright for the greatest response.

You can advertise any referral links using the Referrer’s advertising blocks. You can advertise crypto-taps, collectors, crypto-blogs, YouTube channels and other resources that consider or offer earnings and invest in cryptocurrencies.

Advertcoin.space now guarantees 20 - 45+ jumps per day at a minimum rate and relevant announcement. Interests of our audience: Earnings of cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency faucets, free cryptocurrency, airdrops, free tokens, games and crypto lotteries, the audience is interested in new ICOs, technical novelties related to cryptocurrencies, mining, cloud mining, crypto market news. The main coins: Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, Ripple, Litecoin, TRON, Unit, Dogecoin, Stellar Lumens, but all the existing ones are observed. The audience of partner sites increases by 5-10% daily, even with the overall decline of the crypto market and interest in cryptocurrencies. Since the beginning of the market turn, which is expected to be closer to the end of 2020, the number of visits to the site will increase by like 1000 times, which will allow you to receive hundreds of new users per day at a constant daily rate fixed in advance.

The advertising platform of Advertcoin.space is updated monthly and supplemented with new functionality. Now a workable alpha version is available. The owners’ plans include the development of the advertising network by adding third-party publishers and creating a unique affiliate system “advertising agent”, which allows ordinary users to earn and withdraw their earnings. The ad area plans to increase server capacity quarterly to increase the speed of advertising and counting statistics. In the near future, the functionality will be supplemented with the possibility of detailed targeting in ten parameters.

How to run an advertising campaign in AdvertCoin.Space

To create an advertisement, you need to register on the main page of AdvertCoin.Space by filling in the required fields: Name, address of your site, e-mail. Once you have access to your personal cabinet, click on the “Add New Campaign” button and download your ad-block file in either of the two formats (728x90 and 336x280), wait for the end of the review (one to 24 hours). Once your ad has been verified, you will be charged for the day of the show and you will be able to see it in the “Fund campaign” section.

In the “Balances” section, you will need to deposit (transfer to one of the listed wallets), larger or equal to the minimum payment threshold for the selected cryptocurrency: Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin. Once the transaction from the blockchain is confirmed, your funds will be sent to your personal cabinet wallet, and you can replenish your advertising campaign balance, after which your ad will be shown on the ad network. Please note that by replenishing your ad campaign balance for the first time, you set up a cryptocurrency to settle this campaign and a fixed price for the day of the show. The fixed price will not change until the end of the pre-paid period. The campaign’s cryptocurrencies can be reset by clicking “Unset Campaign Coin”, but the daily display will be debited.

All your campaign statistics will be available on the Dashboard page. Statistics include your ad impressions, clicks on your ad, CTR, and GEO over the past 30 days. On the Dashboard page, you can create a new campaign at any time by clicking “Add New Campaign”. You can extend the duration of the ad display by simply adding to the balance of the selected ad campaign, and the daily display value will be recalculated based on the current rate of settlement cryptocurrency.

URL: https://advertcoin.space